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June 8, 2019

FanMatics to
incentivize 20M

We're proud to annouce strategic funding by Germany's largest regional publisher, fueling our new conversion technology.

FanMatics is proud to enter into a strategic partnership with Ippen Digital, the technology division behind Germany's largest regional publishing network. Ippen Digital, with over 200M monthly visits across their platform portfolio just announced year over year increase in ad revenue of over 50%. FanMatics is aiming to complement this success with a new loyalty technology. We will integrate with select ID portfolio brands starting in 2019, reaching a potential of over 20M monthly unique users.

Our new technology FanMatics Signup will help loyalize and convert any audience through social rewards, offered via in-article widgets. As a full-service solution to both rewards and referral marketing, FanMatics will come with built-in digital rewards like ebooks, epapers, audio books and gift cards — lifting the burden of reward logistics from publishers. FanMatics is a first mover in bringing digital rewards to the top of the pre-sales funnel.

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May 28, 2019

Referral API
for Publishers

Turn your subscriber base into brand ambassadors with FanMatics API. We have all the features you need.

A channel that brings in the best friends of your best customers is close to the holy grail of marketing. This is especially true for paid journalism that has to offer a certain beat or vertical specificity to stay relevant. As we have seen, the model of general interest and broader news is not valid in the competitive digital landscape. In the era of reader revenue, publications need to clearly identify their target audience. This is tough, as some newsonomics experts believe that only 2% of the world population is willing to pay for news. According to research by the Media Insight Project, among the top motivators leading users to pay for journalism are: a) promotional or free trial events b) friends and family recommendations. Referral marketing is combining these two factors. With FanMatics API we are developing a plug-and-play software service that acts as an intermediary between the publisher and their paywall provider on one hand and new customers with their network of prospects on the other.

We have seen that the barriers to entry for publishers into referral campaigns are mostly technological in nature. The lifetime value of digital customers is only a fraction of what it used to be for print. That’s why publishers are reluctant to allocate resources both to implementation work and the designing, monitoring of campaigns. We have developed a solution that is plug-and-play, relying only on email as the interface. After a single API call by the paywall provider we create magic links for the newly acquired customer to then distribute among their friends and family. These links are sent out by us to the customer, white-labeled and publisher-branded. You choose between either our own built-in rewards or upload your own. Along the way, FanMatics API collects the most important digital currencies for publishers to then integrate into their marketing campaigns and event analytics systems: Emails and segmentation data.

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